We design and manufacture measuring and detection devices for many applications: automotive, industrial or civil plant engineering, heating products, distribution networks. All the devices have been created to be integrated to the control units of the machines or plants. Commitment and constant research translate our effort into avant-garde products, designed and developed based on the specific needs of the customer.

Are part of our production:
Smartprobe, a line of presence / absence sensor devices for biomass and granular materials (Smartprobe, Spartprobe 2)
  • Smartprobe 2 – SP2X, sensor for biomass and other granules
  • Smartprobe GR15-SL, biomass sensor
Securflame, fire zone control device

We design and manufacture electronic devices or systems through:

  • Analysis of customer needs;
  • Identification of the most suitable solutions;
  • Executive planning starting from the solution identified;
  • Creation of the prototype and provision of the initial sampling.

All this guaranteeing short time and compliance with the indications and instructions provided by the customer.

If requested, we can also take care of the scale production of the devices thanks to the support of our partners.


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