Smartprobe 2 comes from the experience gained with Smartprobe GR15SL, sold since 2005 in tens of thousands of units in Italy and abroad and appreciated for its performance, reliability and durability.

Smartprobe 2 has been designed and developed from scratch expressly for the application on stoves / boilers powered by biomass; it therefore detects all types of material, is insensitive to dust and temperature, can be easily installed and can be connected to all electronic boards currently on the market.

Smartprobe 2 is very efficient: a single configuration with 5-25V power supply and a 5V compatible TTL output signal, able to operate in Normal or Inverted mode (see technical data sheet).

Smartprobe 2 can be connected directly to the stove / boiler electronics in a simple and immediate way, as it does not require calibration.

Unique on the market, Smartprobe 2 integrates the innovative ECR system (Easy to Change or Reverse), which allows the sensor to be reset in the event of a fault even in operation and without the intervention of a technician, all in a short time and in a simple and safe manner (operation that can be performed also directly by the final user).

Smartprobe 2 is available on request with a 3.3 V power supply or with an open collector output

 Download the technical specification Smartprobe2_SP2X